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[Last Updated: Feb 04, 2018]
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International Festival of Science Visualization

What is IFSV?

Following its preliminary event in 2009, IFSV was launched in Japan in 2010 as a festival for science films and visualizations. Our aim is to contribute to foster a culture of science appreciation through the promotion and development of visual expressions.

IFSV's recent focus goes to the exploration of the possibility of fulldome/immersive media.
Among various activities and events, IFSV's annual DomeFest has been gaining worldwide attention as a momentous event, attracting wide variety of people, from world's leading creators to novices or fulldome fans.

The 8th IFSV Overview

  • Events:  Workshop on Fulldome Production -- July 28, 2017
  •          Dome Fest -- Feb 20-22, 2018
  • Place:    Galaxcity(Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
  • Target:   Anyone with interest in science films or fulldome videos
  • Organized by
  • Organizing Committee for the International Festival of Science Visualization
  • Co-Organized by
  • Galaxcity


  • Science
  • Fulldome
  • VR
  • Immersive
  • Possibilities


Organized by


Co-organized by

ISAS/JAXA Galaxcity



Organizing Committee

Isshi TABE (LIBRA Corporation)
Executive Secretary:
Satomi HATANO (Asterisk/NAOJ)
Committee Members:
  • Akira HIRAI (Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.)
  • Akira MIURA (ISAS)
  • Chika SATO (GOTO INC)
  • Chisato IKUTA (ISAS)
  • Hiromichi GAN (Hiratsuka City Museum)
  • Masaru HIROHASHI (Starlight Studio LLC)
  • Mayumi SANO(Fujisawa City Shonandai Culture Center Children's Museum)
  • Naoki NARISAWA(Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.)
  • Naoko HINODE (Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.)
  • Takumi INOUE (Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center)
  • Takuya OHKAWA (ISAS)
  • Tetsuya TOYODA (AstroArts Inc.)
  • Tomoki UNO (GALAXCITY)
  • Toshiyuki TAKAHEI (ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.)
  • Yoshitsugu KOBAYASHI (Zakkadan)
  • Yukio ANDOH (EXA Corporation)

Dome Fest


Sunday, Feburary 18 - Tuesday,Feburuary 20, 2018

[DAY1] Sun. Feb18 (Evening Only)
Opening Ceremony, Dome Events, Feature Film Screenings, etc.
[DAY2] Mon. Feb 19
Short-film Contest, Feature Film Screening, Banquet, etc.
[DAY3] Tue. Feb 20
Presentations, Closing Ceremony, etc.

Anyone with interest in fulldome/immersive media is welcomed

max. 150
Admission Fee:
4,000JPY (3-Day Pass Only)

Buy your tickets from online ticketing site.
Payment by Credit Card or Convenience Store Payment required

Dome Event 1

Galaxcity Students' Works

Dome Event 2

Future of Full Dome Media

Dome Event 3

Approach real reproduction of natural phenomena - Try the total solar eclipse 2017

Feature Film Screenings

High quality fulldome films with science visualization, experimental techniques, or latest production technologies, will be screened.

Guidelines [Feature Film Screenings]
Short Film Contest

We call for fulldome short films (approx. 5min). Both science films and non-science films are welcomed.

Guidelines [Short-film Contest]

We invite presentations on fulldome movie production. Presenters may show trailers or other relevant movies(fulldome/flat) in their presentations

Guidelines [Presentations]
Booth Display

You can exhibit or demonstrate your fulldome-related products, and make a special appeal to Dome Fest visitors. -Exhibition Fee : 10,000JPY

Guidelines [Booth Diaplay]
Not sure what to Get Involved in?
  • -If you are interested in fulldome in any way...
       >> Get a 3-day Ticket (4,000JPY) to attend Dome Fest.

  • -If you want to report your study/research on fulldome-related topics, or introduce your techniques/products
       >> Apply for PRESENTATIONS

  • -If you are a creator/director of a fulldome short film...
       >> Apply for SHORT FILM CONTEST

  • -If you are a creator/director of a fulldome feature film...

  • -If you wish to demonstrate your products, or promote your works, technologies, etc....
       >> Apply for BOOTH DISPLAY

  • -If you would like to get connected, or just simply hang out. with fun people in fulldome indstry
       >> Get a BANQUET Ticket(5,000JPY), and have fun eating, dringing, and sharing your ideas.
Frequently Asked Questions -for presenters

Grand Prize Winner of the ShortFilm Contest [7th IFSV DomeFest]

WORKSHOP on Fulldome Video Production

Those who wish to become fulldome video creators are welcomed to join this years IFSV hand-on workshop.
※Note that participants are asked to bring PCs with the required software indicated below.

Students/creators with interest in fulldome video productions
Date & Time:
Friday, July 28, 2017 13:00-19:00
Application Period:
Monday, June 26 - Sunday, July 23, 2017, or till # of applicants reaches maximum capacity
View more about the lecturers.
Attendant Capacity:
45 (15 for each course)
Required equipments
Laptop PC( with required software installed)
Attendance Fee:
Exchange MTG Admission Fee

Buy your admission ticket(s) from the online ticketing site below

Your RECEIPT can be obtained on your own from the ticketing site.



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Friday, July 28, 2017

Hands-on group lessons
Screening trial session

Course A

Full-sphere live-action film production for dome theaters based on the consideration of purposes and experience

Toru Watanabe
Required applications
Ameteras Domeplayer, Adobe Premiere
Lecturer's Profile
Dicrector of Fullsphere artists team called "Watanabe-ka (Watanabe division)" of Concent Inc.

Born in 1983 in Tokyo. Graduated from the department of graphic design at Tama Art University in 2007, then engaged in developing paper-based communication tools as an editorial designer at Aleph Zero, which later merged with Concent Inc.
He started his career as a full-sphere video artist in April 2014.
With a special emphasis on the necessity of "looking-around", he has been producing video works through which bring viewers the feeling of physical experience.
Course B

Fulldome visualization as a means of creative expression

Fusako BABA
Required Application
Adobe After Effects
Lecturer's Profile
Visual Artist/ Winner of Blaue Blume Award at JENA Fulldome Festival 2015 (to "Obscure Path/The Flower of Afterimage").

Pursuing visual representation of human feelings with moires and symmetric motifs.
Started producing fulldome videos when she worked for Konica-Minolta Planetarium, she has been providing her annual works to Sapporo City Jazz since 2008 and Tokyo Designers Week since 2010. Now internationally recognized as one of the most affecting fulldome artists, her works have been screened at various locations both domestically and internationally.

Course C

Incredible World drawn with Unity

Required Application
Lecturer's Profile
3D CG designer/Fulldome Creator at NAOJ/VASA Entertainment Co. Ltd., Japan.

Born in 1979 in Ishikawa, Japan.
After obtaining Ph.D in 3D imaging techniques, he has been engaged in producing 360-degree stereoscopic science visualization as a member of 4D2U project at NAOJ.
He has also been involved in VASA Entertainment Co. Ltd. as a 3D CG designer/engineer, producing various planetarium shows and 360-degree contents. His recent interest goes to the production of real-time contents using a game engine called "Unity".
How to Attend

Apply using the form below.

*Credit Card or Convenience Store Payment required

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