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International Festival of Science Visualization

What is IFSV?

Following its preliminary event in 2009, IFSV was launched in Japan in 2010 as a festival for science films and visualizations. Our aim is to contribute to foster a culture of science appreciation through the promotion and development of visual expressions.

IFSV's recent focus goes to the exploration of the possibility of fulldome/immersive media.
Among various activities and events, IFSV's annual DomeFest has been gaining worldwide attention as a momentous event, attracting wide variety of people, from world's leading creators to novices or fulldome fans.

The 9th IFSV Overview

[Workshop] -Sep.1, 2018
[Dome Fest] -Feb.17to19, 2019
Galaxcity -Adachi-ku, TOKYO
Anyone with interest in science films or fulldome videos
Organized by
Organizing Committee for the International Festival of Science Visualization
Galaxcity (Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
Supported by
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
Japan Planetarium Association(JPA)


Organized by


Co-organized by



Organizing Committee

Isshi TABE (LIBRA Corporation)
Executive Secretary:
Satomi HATANO (Asterisk/NAOJ)
Committee Members:
  • Akira HIRAI
  • Akira MIURA (ISAS)
  • Chika SATO (GOTO INC)
  • Hiromichi GAN (Hiratsuka City Museum)
  • Masaru HIROHASHI (Starlight Studio LLC)
  • Mayumi SANO
  • Mitami TAKANO (AstroArts Inc.)
  • Naoki NARISAWA(Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.)
  • Naoko HINODE (Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., Ltd.)
  • Sayuri OKADA (Galaxcity)
  • Takumi INOUE (Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center)
  • Tetsuya TOYODA (AstroArts Inc.)
  • Tomoki UNO (GALAXCITY)
  • Toshiyuki TAKAHEI (ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.)
  • Yoshitsugu KOBAYASHI (Zakkadan)

Dome Fest

Not sure what to Get Involved in?
  • -If you are interested in fulldome in any way...
       >> Get a 3-day Ticket (4,000JPY) to attend Dome Fest.

  • -If you want to report your study/research on fulldome-related topics, or introduce your techniques/products
       >> Apply for PRESENTATIONS

  • -If you are a creator/director of a fulldome short film...
       >> Apply for SHORT FILM CONTEST

  • -If you are a creator/director of a fulldome feature film...

  • -If you wish to demonstrate your products, or promote your works, technologies, etc....
       >> Apply for BOOTH DISPLAY

  • -If you would like to get connected, or just simply hang out. with fun people in fulldome indstry
       >> Get a BANQUET Ticket(5,000JPY), and have fun eating, drinking, and sharing your ideas.

JOIN the 9th IFSV Dome Fest!

NOTE:The fulldome movie format for screening has been updated; Now we accept equirectangular format movies!
See the Format Specification sheet for details.

Other common questions may be answered in Frequently Asked Questions for Presenters

Short Film Contest

We call for fulldome short films (approx. 5min). Both science films and non-science films are welcomed.


Deadline: Jan 5, 2019

Note that your application will be invalid if your data has not been received by Jan 15.

Feature Film Screenings

High quality fulldome films with science visualization, experimental techniques, or latest production technologies, will be screened.


Deadline: Nov. 30, 2018

Approx. 10 films are planned to be shown. Selected works will be decided by the Program Selection Committee of IFSV in case of exceeding entries.

Along with the entry through the web form, you must also submit a preview movie (full-length) of the submitted work by Nov 30, 2018. Your application will be invalid if your preview data has not been received by this date.

Entry Fee :20,000JPY


We invite presentations on fulldome movie production. Presenters may show trailers or other relevant movies(fulldome/flat) in their presentations


Deadline: Jan.5, 2019

The presenters may be selected through preliminary review in the case of exceeding entries.

Booth Display

You can exhibit or demonstrate your fulldome-related products, and make a special appeal to Dome Fest visitors.
[1 long-table /booth]

Guidelines [BOOTH DISPLAY]

Application Period: Dec 1, 2018 - Jan.5, 2019
or till the venue capacity is reached.

First comes, first served basis

Entry Fee :10,000JPY/booth


Sunday, Feb17 - Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019

[DAY1] Sun., Feb. 17
17:00-20:55 Opening Ceremony, Dome Events, Feature Film Screenings
[DAY2] Mon., Feb. 18
9:15-18:40Short-Film Contest, Presentations, Feature Film Screenings
[DAY3] Tue., Feb.19
9:30-17:35Presentations, Feature Film Screenings, Closing Ceremony


Time Table for the DomeFest2019(as of Feb.12, 2019)
for detailed schedule.



Google Map

For visitors from distant regions & abroad
You can find useful information about accommodation and tourism in the area around the venue atAdachi Sightseeing Net(by Adachi-ward Tourism Association)

Hotels List


Anyone with interest in fulldome/immersive media is welcomed

Seats: max. 150
Admission Fee: 4,000JPY
Banquet: 5,000JPY

Buy your tickets from online ticketing site.
Payment by Credit Card or Convenience Store Payment required


Your RECEIPT can be obtained on your own from the ticketing site. Seethis page for details.

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